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Flip Flops of Love

Flip flops have been around for a long time, and they've been present for some of the worlds most famous love stories!
They were there when Cleopatra met Caesar, and when Helen of Troy ran away from Menelaus to be with Paris.
Back in the day displays of affection were grandiose! Why don't we take look?
Cleopatra and Ceasar
Caesar and Cleopatra:
Caesar was a mighty conqueror, and one of the place he set his eyes on was Egypt. Upon reaching the sandy terrain he met Cleopatra, and fell hopelessly in love. So much so that he decided not to annex Egypt, but instead decided to restore her rule as the the last true pharaoh of Egypt.
Isis and Osiris
Isis and Osiris:
Isis loved Osiris so much that she scoured the land to bring her beloved back from the dead. You see, Osiris' brother had him killed because he was jealous that Osiris got to rule Egypt; and so, he had him chopped up into tiny pieces and scattered them across the land. Isis was able to piece Osiris back together and they had a beautiful son named Horus.
Now, you might not be able to give your beloved an entire country or put their chopped up body back together, but you can get them a pair of Valentine's Day Flip Flops to show them just how much you love them! So, why not take a look at our Valentine's collection here!
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